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QuickBooks Roll-Over Service Quote Questionnaire

If you wish to maintain history in your new QuickBooks file - ie from Dec. 31/09 onward we will need more information about your current set of books before we can quote more accurately on your needs. If you need assistance filling out the form please call us at 519.927.5005 or email us at:

You may also download a copy of the following form for emailing or faxing by clicking on the following link:

In order to quote you as accurately as possible, we would need to know the following Information: (Press F2 for info once your QuickBooks file is opened) Printable Version Printable Version

First Name:    
Last Name:    
Company Name: Position:
Address: City:
Zip/Postal Code:    
Tel Number:    
Email Address:    
Type of Business:
QuickBooks Version:    
Country Version:    
QuickBooks File Size:    
Year End Date:    
Reporting Basis:    
Number of Years of QuickBooks Data in your current file:    
Please indicate the approximate number of accounts in the following Lists. If you do not use the module put "0" or "N/A".
Customers: Approx #
Employees -Active: Approx #
Items Lists: Approx #
Inventory Parts: Approx #
Inventory Assemblies: Approx #
Units of Measure: Approx #
Price Level Lists: Approx #
Memorized Transactions: Approx #
Bank Accounts: Approx #
Please indicate the approximate number of entries per month that you use in the following modules. If you do not use the module put "0" or "N/A".
Bill Entries: Approx # Per Month
Discounts on Invoices or Bill Payments: Do you take /give discounts? Approx # Per Month
Invoices Entries: Approx # Per Month
Line Items / Invoice: Approx # Per Month
Sales Orders Entries: Approx # Per Month
Sales Receipts Entries: Approx # Per Month
Partial Payments on Invoices or Bills: Approx # Per Month
Inventory Tracking:   Do you track Inventory from multiple locations?  
Work Order Mng:  
Payroll Entries:   Active Employees Only Approx # Per Month
Payroll Frequency:  
Payroll Type:  
Is your Payroll Subscription Active? Yes    No   
Has the "Condense" Feature ever been used on your QB file?
Do you use QuickBooks Credit Card Merchant Services?
Do you record Credit Card Numbers in your customer data info?
Do you Process Credit Cards & E Checks directly in your QB file?
Do you use the Cc Email feature in the Customer Module:
Do you use QuickBooks Sync Manager?
Do you use QuickBooks Field Service Mng ES?
Has there been a change in the rate of Sales tax over the past year?
If so - Please give date & particulars:
Do you ever over-ride the tax calculation in your sales or purchases?
Are there integrated applications linked to your QuickBooks file? Yes   No 
If so - Please supply program name & purpose:
When was the last time your QuickBooks file was Verified?
When was the last time your QuickBooks file was Rebuilt?
How many months history do you wish to maintain?
What Major Problems are you experiencing with your QuickBooks File
When would you like this job to be completed by?
Any Information Comments/Notes you would like us to know about:

Please submit the above questionnaire and we will gladly quote you on your needs within 24 hours (next business day) OR You can also fax this questionnaire to us at: Fax #: 519.927.0143.

QuickBooks Year End
Roll-Over Service

Improved Speed, Accuracy & Office efficiency
Our Expertise
- We delete old unused customers, vendors, items, accnts, classes etc.
- We remove unwanted tags ie: print, email etc.
- We split large quickbooks files
- We merge quickbooks files
- We convert quickbooks version back : ie: enterprise to premiere / premier to pro
- Messes cleaned up, quickbooks rebalanced, rebuilt
- Audit Trail Removal, Corrupt Files Fixed, Item List Reduction, Customer List Reduction
- Credit Card Numbers Extracted / Inputted, Convert Inventory Items to Non-Inventory Items, Rebalancing archived /condensed files

Office 911 is focused on developing & implementing cost & profitability objectives. Our unique ability to analyze & understand client business models & existing environments puts us way ahead of the rest!
Customers says about us!
- Fabulous! You did one hell of a job!
- WOW! The original file was 680 MB - returned to me about 55 Mb!
- File runs incredibly fast - Thanks So Much!
- We now have a sweet little QuickBooks working very quickly again.
You did not give up on our file from Hell! Thank You - Thank You - Thank You