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When your QuickBooks starts slowing down and hanging …. You Need our Help as it may be an indication of your file being too big with corrupt entries. This may be due to lack of regular maintenance, hung systems & programs, crashes, deletions or changes to entries, failure to rebuild the file at regular intervals, previous attempts at condensing and then trying to verify or rebuild the data or power surges!

User's Major Complaints of the Archive & Condense Feature

F  “Tried numerous times, to condense, and each time it 'hangs' at 17%”
F  “Cleaning up reduced the file size by 1 MB - big deal!”
F  “The company file didn’t get smaller and invoices etc. from before the date I set are still there - back into         the 90s”
F  “Suddenly, balance is out of whack, verify fails and rebuild crashes. Many condensed entries from 2002         are suddenly unbalanced. Now I cannot edit them to fix”
F  “Did a condense and corrupt entries got created. The balance sheet was fine before the condense, and         wrong after!”
F  “Did the portable file thing. Oh yes the file size went down a little but it is still slooooow”

Do you know? Condensing maybe reduces up to about 15% only

But starting a new file can reduce up to 90%

TLC for your QuickBooks File

Just as your car requires a little TLC- so does your QuickBooks Accounting file! You are probably using your Quickbooks Accounting file - 5 days a week, 52 weeks per year for the past 5 - 10 years.... constantly adding, deleting, importing, running reports, downloading, financials – usually with at least a couple users simultaneously - that’s an enormous work load! Eventually, it just fills up, slows down & crashes!

If your data file already exceeds 100 megabytes then you are at high risk for:

  üData loss or corruption
  üSlower transaction entry and report processing
  üFaulty backups

As your data file has grown in size, its performance has suffered. This is simply a QuickBooks "fact of life". It’s definitely time to consider more drastic measures! Quick Fix measures do not fix corrupt entries that are causing your problems and by not starting a new data file you are merely delaying the inevitable! You must start a new file sooner or later…

Sooner is definitely wiser!


with Office 911’s fast, easy & efficient

QuickBooks Roll-Over / re-create Service

We know Business - We know Systems - We know Accounting
We know QuickBooks

QuickBooks Year End
Roll-Over Service

Improved Speed, Accuracy & Office efficiency
Our Expertise
- We delete old unused customers, vendors, items, accnts, classes etc.
- We remove unwanted tags ie: print, email etc.
- We split large quickbooks files
- We merge quickbooks files
- We convert quickbooks version back : ie: enterprise to premiere / premier to pro
- Messes cleaned up, quickbooks rebalanced, rebuilt
- Audit Trail Removal, Corrupt Files Fixed, Item List Reduction, Customer List Reduction
- Credit Card Numbers Extracted / Inputted, Convert Inventory Items to Non-Inventory Items, Rebalancing archived /condensed files

Office 911 is focused on developing & implementing cost & profitability objectives. Our unique ability to analyze & understand client business models & existing environments puts us way ahead of the rest!

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Customers says about us!
- Fabulous! You did one hell of a job!
- WOW! The original file was 680 MB - returned to me about 55 Mb!
- File runs incredibly fast - Thanks So Much!
- We now have a sweet little QuickBooks working very quickly again.
You did not give up on our file from Hell! Thank You - Thank You - Thank You